Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Bills March Towards Infamy

I cannot stand this anymore. The Bills had a winnable game and completely pissed it away this week against the Jaguars. I swear to God we have someone with no knowledge of the NFL as our defensive coordinator. Isn't it common sense TO GUARD THE NUMBER ONE RECEIVER ON THE OTHER TEAM? No, instead, George Edwards (I had to look up his name we've heard so little about this guy), calls plays that leave Mike Sims-Walker WIDE open at all times, or covered by a linebacker. Also, covering the tight end in the red zone is usually a good idea, but instead we have him covered with a lineman or having our DB's get absolutely burned. Leodis McKelvin, a top 15 draft pick at corner back, is terrible. The guy shouldn't even exist he's been burnt so much. And our new 3-4 defense, which has none of the right personnel, can't get a semblance of a rush on the quarterback. For god's sake, we made David Garrard and the Jaguars look like a semi-good team.

The offense looked okay again, but they were killed, as I have become accustomed to, by bad penalties. The Bills had the ball in the red zone three times in THE FIRST QUARTER and managed one touchdown, because there were dumb holding penalties the other two times. So instead of going up 21-3, we went up 13-3 and then promptly lost that lead. And I could tell from about the second quarter that that was going to happen. Thank god there is a bye week this week so I don't have to watch this wreck. Looking at the schedule, the Bills don't play a winnable game until the Lions game (and that's barely winnable), and then the Browns game, and the Bills lost to them 6-0 or 6-3 to them last year. I know this is hard to believe, but I can see this team going 0-16. I know it's hard to not win ONE game, but this team has just the right amount of ineptitude to do it.

Also, free CJ Spiller! Can we please just hand off to this guy 30 times a day and see what happens?

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